Special Events

sample menus

Argentelle has something to please every palate. These menus are just a sampling of what we can create for your special event. We will make sure that every detail of your special event is handled with impeccable professionalism and service.

Passed Hors d'Oeuvre
Apricot filled with goat cheese, dried cherry & pistachio
Kefta Mkaouara Meat balls
Chicken Briwat
Beef & Lamb shish kabob

Buffet Dinner
Moroccan Boneless Chicken Breast Marinated with lemon, onion, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, green olives, & cilantro
Harissa Sauce
Lamb Marrakesh Lamb stew with tumeric
Roasted Salmon Agadir Roasted Marinated salmon over lentil stew
Vegetable Couscous Tagine Butternut squash, couscous, cinnamon, ginger, bell peppers, prunes & Chickpeas
Jasmina Salad Lettuce, tomato, olives, feta cheese in mustard vinaigrette
Assorted Flatbreads and North African Breads

Dessert Station
Orange Cake
Pomegranate Crème Brûlée
Moroccan Minted Cantaloupe salad
Lemon Tea

Passed Hors d'Oeuvre
Chicken Jambalaya Skewer
Chin Chin
Nigerian Puff Puff
Swordfish kebob
Chicken Shawarma

Buffet Dinner
Nigerian Beef & chicken Stew Chicken, beef, onions, tomato, chili peppers
Jollof Rice Chicken, tomato, rice, carrots, green beans
Tilapia & Shrimp Suya Tilapia, shrimp, with ginger, peanuts & onion on tomato
Mchuzi wa biringani Potato, eggplants, onions, tomato and curry
Medmede Salad Lettuce, carrots, baked beans, hard boiled eggs, corn potato & bell peppers
African Bread

Dessert Buffet
Fresh Fruit Salads
Shuku Shuku Coconut

Passed Hors d'Oeuvre
Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese on buckwheat blini
Cucumber & red bell pepper hummus
Beets with goat cheese
Potato Pampushki with cheese filling
Baked Latkes

Seated Dinner
Belugi Ikra terpkiy Beluga Caviar pie
Golubtsi Stuffed cabbage with veal, mushroom, onion & kasha
Feijoda Carrots, onions, tomato, red potato & black beans
Ptichie Moloko Vanilla layer cake with whipped cream
Coffee & tea

Passed Cold Hors d'Oeuvre
Crêpes Norvégienne Layer of smoked salmon, dill cream cheese and crêpe
Crevette Grillée en Gondole Marinated grilled shrimp on a tomato boat
Magret de Canard aux Peches Apricot Risotto top with peach relish & magret of duck
Ceviche de St Jacques Marinated sea-scallop with pesto wrapped with grilled zucchini
Salade de Poulet á L'Antillaise Curried chicken salad rolled in coconut
Abricot Berichonne Dried apricot filled with Goat cheese and chives
Cuillere d'Aubergine Parmesan spoons filled with eggplant caponata

Passed Hot Hors d'Oeuvre
Bruschettas Tomato, basil & mozzarella on toasted foccatia bread
Banana & Bacon Banana edge wrapped in crisp bacon
Soufflé au Fromage Swiss cheese soufflé
Filet de Boeuf a l'ail Garlic Mashed Potato top with Grilled Filet of beef
Tortilla Piccadillo Corn tortilla cup filled with ground beef onion spices & raisins
Petit Pomme au Gratin Petit red potato filled shrimp gratin
Cape-Cod Tartlet Barquette filled with onion comfit, cranberry puree & cheddar cheese
Chocolate truffles

Assorted Tea Sandwiches Cucumber, mint & Cream cheese white bread
Smoked Salmon dill cream cheese pumpernickel
Chicken Salad in Mini Croissant
Eggs salad sandwich whole-wheat
Beef & Horseradish rye bread
Raisin Scones
Clotted Cream - Raspberry & orange jam
Assorted Mini Pastries Apple & Raspberry Tarts
Cream Puff - Banana Cake
Chocolate Truffles
Lemon Pound Cake
Sliced fresh fruits
Assorted Teas

Poupeton de Saumon Fresh salmon pinwheel filled with fresh & smoked salmon mousse
Served with julienne of sweet peppers & herb
Dill sauce
Tournedos a la Moelle & Shiitake Tournedos of beef top with marrow & shiitake crust
Served with rosemary sauce
Baby Carrots & Baby Turnips
Roasted Potato & Haricots Verts
Poire Pochée au Gingendre Poached pear in white wine & Saffron
Ginger Ice Cream wrapped in chocolate velvet
Served with caramel Sauce
Cookies & Truffles
Coffee & Tea

Passed Hors d'Oeuvre
Caribbean Rice Salad
Honeydew melon wrapped with Parma ham
Sweet Potato top with Black bean, avocado & shrimps
Fried Coconut Shrimps
Ham Croquettes
Brochette of Plantain & Chicken Satay

Buffet Dinner
Grilled Salmon Cubano Filet of grilled salmon with pineapple ginger salsa
Garnish with Sweet potato, tomato, eggplants, peanuts & ginger on pineapple wheel
Pollo Dominicano Chicken saute with tomato, peppers, cumin, white wine
Caribbean Pork with Mango Salsa Tenderloin of pork with mango salsa
Caribbean Spinach Salad Fresh spinach, romaine lettuce, pineapple, mandarin, slices bacon, red onion, tomato
Toasted almond with lemon dressing
Sliced Bread

Dessert & Coffee Station
Klapperter Tart Virgin island coconut tart
Crema de Nanja Caramelized orange flan
Besito de Coco Coconut & chocolate cookies
Leche Fritta Sweet milk & lemon fritters
Sliced fresh fruit with berries
Regular & decaffeinated coffee - Tea

Hummus & Caponata Served with pita wedges& Middle-Eastern warm bread
Brochettes Provencale Barbequed Marinated Grilled beef on skewer
Grilled Chimichurri of Chicken marinated with herb, garlic oregano & olive oil
Dill Marinated Grilled asparagus
Pretzel Salmon Pretzel bread filled with cream cheese & smoked salmon
Mini Croissant de Poulet Mini Croissant filled with chicken tarragon salad
Boeuf a la Dijonnaise Crusty baguette top with Dijon mustard & roast-beef
Crevettes Provencal Marinated shrimps, tomato, basil, lemon and olive oil

Assorted Mini Pastries Brownies - Caramelised Apple Tartes - Raspberry Tartes
Friand au Coco - Banana Cake - Cream Puff
Chocolate Dip Strawberry
Fresh Fruit Platter Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Mango, Strawberries, Grapes